Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Scrapbooking for Family

For my cousin Josh's wedding to Jessica last November, I made this recipe book for them titled "Favorite Family Recipes" It is a culmination of my favorite things: cooking, scrap booking and photography. You can do this too, it is that easy and really fun, a little time-consuming but worth it!

I first printed out recipe cards from the Internet (so that they would all match) and then sent them out to all the women on Josh's side of the family. I asked them to send me 3-5 of their favorite recipes and a picture of themselves. I then laid out the book. Their picture went on the first page and the recipes followed. One person even found VERY old pictures of long-gone relatives and included them along with recipes and a brief history of how they were related to Josh--I included those as well.

Since the newlyweds aren't close in proximity to most of our family I thought it was a fun way to introduce ourselves to Jessica and to give her a little "taste" of our family. The last few pages were a collage of pictures of Josh growing up with many of us.

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