Friday, December 18, 2009

Special Memories

Since I was young, I have always had an interest in photography. Maybe not "photography" so much as just taking pictures and recording memories. I found an album dated 1974 that my mom wrote "Anne's first roll of film developed". It was very miscellaneous-pictures of my brother, cat, dog, friends, camp, trees, etc.

I have been going through all of our old albums with the "magnetic" pages and carefully extracting the photos that are meaningful to me and putting them into new books to preserve for years to come. It has been so much fun looking back and reminiscing about the times I had growing up.

When I was born, I was preceded by 4 girl cousins, 2 on each side of the family. So many of the pictures were of holidays and vacations spent with these 4 women and we had so many great times that I thought, "maybe I should make a copy of some of these pictures to send to them". Then I decided that was a cop out. Since I love scrap booking, I should do something with the photos before I send them out, not just pop them in an envelope. So what started as just a copy of a photo turned into 4 wonderful little books filled with photos and thoughts.

Each book is "cousin" specific with mostly photos of them and myself. I don't remember much before the age of 3, but then a lot of those memories came flooding back and I spent hours pouring through them and picking the right ones to include, ones that I actually remember doing- not just a memory from a photo.. The title on the cover says: "These are what my memories are made of". My hope is that the photos bring back memories for each of my cousins and take them to a place of remembering how much fun we had and how much we loved each other.

During this "project" I have also come across so many funny things. Like the handbook from the hospital where I was born that instructed new mothers to 1. Shut the window 2. Stop smoking and 3. hang up the phone 10 minutes before your baby was to come to your room for a feeding.

Not all families have nearly the pictures that we do--we are shutter bugs many generations back. But I'm so glad to have the photos and all the memories that go with them. The boys each have a digital camera and it is funny how they take them everywhere with them and rush home to print out the pictures. My Grandmother (Mimi) would be very proud! Print

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