Monday, March 15, 2010

Felted Purse

I know that I haven't posted a "craft" project, in a while, but that's not for lack of making things, everything's just in a state of "undone". So, I thought I'd post this super cute purse that my mom made for me. She used a technique that is called felting, which is just regular knitting, but before you put all the pieces together, you wash it in hot water several times to shrink the yarn and make it a very tight knit. So she used a wool yarn and accented with eyelash yarn-that's what makes the purse really cute! And see that pin on the flap? I have had that since the hubby and I went to London in 1995. I bought it at the Queen's gift shop outside of Buckingham Palace, it is a replica of a piece that she owns. I knew that someday I would have the perfect item to wear with it, so it sat in a cute little box until I received this purse. I attached it to the flap and wa-la, the perfect item for my brooch to adorn! And while making my purse, my mom made one for my friend from high school too--she remembered that we always have the same purses, and we were a hit when we used them at the same time on our recent trip to Las Vegas!